Amvetcure Pharma


Veterinary and Poultry Medicine

1. Clorsulon (Anthelmintic)


1kg. Boxof25

1kg. Boxof25

5.Hyper(LiverTonic) 1Lit. Boxof20

Poultry Care

Reliev cure

Composition : The product is a Stress Reliever which contains Vit. A, Vit. E, Vit. D3 and Vit. C. The supplement is effective in expending immunity & corrects calcium.Each ml contains Vit. A – 50,000 I.U. Vit. E- 30 I.U.Vit. D3 – 5,000 I.U., Vit. C- 100 mg

curebiolyte Supplement

Composition : Contains Sodium chloride, Calcium lactate, Magnesium sulphate, Calcium gluconate, Potassium chloride, Sodium Citrate, Sodium bicarbonate, Ascorbic acid, Dextrose monohydrate and Carriers.

Acidocure – L

Composition : Constitutes of Buffered organic acids & salts like Calcium Propionate, Sodium Formate, Propionic acid, Formic acid, Fumaric acid and Citric acid with some other organic acids & acid salts.

Halquinol 60 %

Composition :
Each 100gm Contains
Halquinol……………….60.00 Gm
Calcium Carbonate…….q.s 100gm

Cureomin Oral Mineral Suspension

Composition : Each ml contains
Calcium : 75 mg
Phosphrous : 35 mg
Magnesium : 50 mg
Glucose : 50 mg

cure- emulsi

Composition : Phosphatydal choline, trimethyl polipeptide and methyl donars which increase the digestability of long chain saturated fatty acid. A blend of hydrolysed lecithin, lysophospholipids.

Curesmart Liquid

Composition : Contains high nutritional of protein hydrolysate, amino acids as arginine, methionine, cystine, phenylalanine, glycine, serine, histidine, tyrosine, isoleucine, threonine, leucine, tryptophan, l-lysine, valine, l-lysine, chloride, cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, zinc, papain, yeast extract, carbohydrates, permitted flavour , total nitrogen- 0. 184 g, total energy- 14.00 kcal.

Curemin Forte Feed Supplemet

Composition : The product contains choline chloride, liver extract, yeast extract, vitamin B, vitamin B12, niacin, D-panthenol, inositol, DL-methionine, L-lysine, manganese, zinc and aqueous base. The product helps in keeping liver healthy and is a supplement in many toxic conditions. The product is available in different pack sizes.

 Curebiosol(Feed Supplement)

composition : Containspotassium citrate, sodium citrate, natural immunostimulant, Vit. B, Vit. B2, Niacin, Vit. K3, Vit. C and Carrier. The product works actively in Gout and Arthris condition and helps in improving livability.


Composition : Each kg contains:
Cobalt as Cobalt Chloride……..…….0.45g/kg
Copper as Copper Sulphate…….…….10 g/kg
Potassium Iodide……………………1.50 g/kg
Iron as Ferrous Sulphate… …………..80g/kg
Manganese as Manganese sulphate ….90g/kg
Zinc as Zinc sulphate…………………90 g/kg
Selenium as Sodium Selenite……….0.30 g/kg
Choline chloride……… ……………..150g/kg
Sodium chloride……………………..100 g/kg
Potassium chloride…………………….100g/kg

Herbal Veterinary Feed Additives

Avimukta oil – (Joint  pain,cervical,sciatia,skin problem,Period pain etc)
Avimukta Gel – (Head pain,Joint pain,Muscle pain etc.)
Aloe vera Juice – 100% Original and Pure
Herbal Shampoo – (Prevent hair fall and make smooth and healthy hair)
Ashwarin Capsule
Panchsam – Piles
Vedatri – Kidney Stone
Gasrin – Gases
Ashwagandha – Energetic
Ociliv – Liver Disease
Ocirin – Piles

 Fish Product

PARACURE – I.V, Special for external parasites
BIO-PROB-FS, Bio Remidiation in Aqua Culture
O2-GEN, 100% Dispersible peroxide
AYUMED- FS, Most powerful Ayurvedic Medicine
TOX FREE-AQ, Toxin Binder with Minerals
QUALIMIN-S, Special Minerals for Fish Culture
NUTRIZYME, Concentrated High Protein Fish Feed Supplement
NATURE FOOD, Pure Spirulina with Herbs
AMMONIL, Ammonia and toxic gas controller
DISNIL, No more Fish disease
BIO-PROB, Bio Remediation in Aquaculture
NATURLYTE, Oxidizers & Toxic Gas Absorbents

GEOMAX – SP, Special Minerals for Aqua Culture
HERBEX, Herbal Solution for Ecto Parasites
BIOSTIM, Highly Energetic Feed Probiotic enhances Fish Defence Mechanism
SOIL – RECHARGER, Special Minerals For Aqua Culture
ZEO – PROB, Natural Zeolyte with Probiotics
PARACURE-BT, The Bio Technology Way
AQUA – PS, Bio Remediation in Aquaculture
NOVIB, Controls Bacterial Load in Water
KILLER – Ag, Algae Controller
DISINFECT, BKC 80% with Glutaraldehyde
LIVE FOOD, Concentrated Live Fish Food

Anti Bacterials

Doxycure 20 %

Composition :

Each g contains

Doxycycline Hydrochloride : 200 mg

Excipients :qs

Levcure Liquid

Composition :

Each 1 liter contains

Levofloxacin : 100 g

Colistin Sulfate : 15 g


Composition :

Each 100 g powder contains

Tylosinactivity  Tylosin Tartrate  I.P : 62.5 g

Excipients :qs

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