Amvetcure Pharma is a achiever of companion animal products in the veterinary industry and Herbal industry in FMCG sector.Sold exclusively through licensed veterinarians, we offer a complete line of dosage form animal health supplements and feed supplements. Our supplements are manufactured with advanced patented and proprietary technologies for unique delivery and absorption.

The company has developed its entire range of products by bringing together the ancient Vedic wisdom and the technology of the 21st century. We follow the principle of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and strict quality control measures in the plant to ensure that its products are of international standards.

About Us

Our Company



Amvetcure Pharma is a pioneering company dedicated to the development of disruptive and innovative technologies for the control of viral diseases in livestock, with antiviral drugs for respiratory disease complexes and innovative vaccines for viral infections in swine leading the pipeline.


Amvetcure Pharma dedicated to development of Herbal products  continue try to make better result with healthy life of human using ayurvedic medicines

Business Countries

Amvetcure Pharma- an established company in Mumbai , India – provides the best veterinary and Herbal pharmaceuticals in Human medicine products ,feed additives and animal healthcare solutions The company capable to spread its operations in more than 30 countries across the globe .


  • Curesmart Liquid( Feed Supplement)
  •  Herbal Veterinary Feed Additives
  • Curebiosol(Feed Supplement
  •  curebiolyte Supplement
  •  Acidocure – L
  • Curemin Forte Feed Supplemet
  •  Reliev cure

Human Products

  • Avimukta Oil
  • Avimukta Balm
  • Aloevera Juice
  •  Motipro
  • Vedatrib Churn
  • Panchsam Churn
  • Ocirin
  •  Medorin